Why Join a Wine Club?

Why Join a Wine Club?

Discover a fantastic way to enjoy the finest wines. The SYLTBAR wine club is the best way to have a great wine experience without any hassle, enjoying every sip to the fullest. One of the best wine clubs out there is SYLTBAR, offering you convenience, comfort, and incredible exclusive offers that will surely leave you impressed! Enjoy the finest low-calorie SYLTBAR wines without even leaving your home! If you want to back your preferred wineries and gain access to exclusive offers and wines, then exploring SYLTBAR wine club is a must. 

Unique (Personal) Service:

The SYLTBAR wine club is an excellent choice for novices due to its lightness, stemming from its notably low sugar content and a low alcohol level of 11.5% for Prosecco and a mere 13% for fine wines, typically ranging from 14% to 16%. The Wine Club stands out as the premier option for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs alike, offering unparalleled access to expert guidance, consultations, and recommendations from our seasoned professionals. For club members, our dedicated team is readily available to provide detailed explanations, introduce our wines, and curate bespoke combinations tailored to your preferences. Rest assured, you'll engage with knowledgeable individuals deeply entrenched in the industry, committed to offering genuine assistance whenever needed. Explore the latest developments in the world of wine, uncover the intricacies of SYLTBAR, and delve into topics of personal interest. Enjoy exclusive access to insider updates on all developments within the SYLTBAR brand, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. Stay informed, for knowledge serves as the cornerstone of success, particularly when it comes to enjoying memorable evenings with a glass of exquisite wine that promises to captivate both you and your guests. 


Becoming a member of SYLTBAR Wine Club guarantees unparalleled convenience tailored to your preferences. From beloved selections like Pinot Grigio to the delightful and effervescent Mrs SYLTBAR - Sparkling Rose always accompanied by Mr SYLTBAR - Premium Prosecco, rest assured that our wines, designed to be low in calories, complement your lifestyle without compromise. It’s your Happy, Healthy, Daily Juice! Say goodbye to inconvenient store trips and lengthy searches for the perfect bottle – our team at SYLTBAR handles everything, delivering your favorites directly to your doorstep. Embrace worry-free leisure time with your loved ones as we manage the logistics on your behalf. Additionally, you have the flexibility to opt for a delivery schedule that suits your needs, receiving wine boxes at regular intervals every 4/6/8 weeks. Estimate your consumption requirements with confidence, knowing that you'll never find yourself without your preferred wines. Furthermore, you can easily adjust your plan to accommodate changing tastes and ensure you're prepared for every delightful surprise. When you become a member of our club, you ensure maximum convenience for yourself. 

Complimentary Delivery:

SYLTBAR wine club offers the added benefit of complimentary delivery for its members. With your membership, enjoy the convenience of having your preferred SYLTBAR wines delivered straight to your doorstep at no extra cost. Say goodbye to shipping fees and hello to effortless wine enjoyment with SYLTBAR's free delivery service.


Have a wonderful evening with your loved ones or friends over dinner at Nobu restaurant and enjoy excellent dishes and wine. After a sophisticated dinner in a wonderful place, don't rush to leave! Because for visiting this place, SYLTBAR gives you a complimentary bottle of our signature Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco! This opportunity will allow you to continue your best evening at home. All you need to do is to send a check from your lunch and indicate the card with which you signed up for our wine club membership. With Nobu and SYLTBAR wine, every romantic dinner or meeting with friends will turn into a real celebration!

Wine Homeland Voyage:

You may have noticed that our wine bottles carry the winery name. Most brands often skip the vineyard in order to save costs, and the wines are produced by three main large corporations. We know that in order to maintain consistent quality, you need a family-owned-and-controlled vineyard with a commitment to nature. There are zero chemicals or preservatives added to our wine. Nothing added, nothing removed.

Here we go to another impressive offer from the SYLTBAR wine club. It is a trip to a winery in Italy, in the Friuli region, where you can discover the secrets of making your favorite wine, from the grape harvesting process to filtration and aging. Learn how Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco and Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose are born in all the details, how low-calorie wines are made without adding sugar, travel through the history of these wines, and immerse yourself in the perfect world of wine that captivates and makes your evenings truly unforgettable. Admire the beautiful landscapes and have an unforgettable experience feeling like a true wine connoisseur. 

SYLTBAR Community:

Join the SYLTBAR Wine Club and connect with like-minded people who share your tastes. Many experienced wine lovers have joined us, and everyone is ready to help and advise, what makes the SYLTBAR Wine Club so special. Remember that joining a wine club is not just about getting wine shipments and 10% savings, it's also about joining a community of like-minded people who share a passion for wine. Our focus is primarily on ensuring that our inventory never runs out. SYLTBAR can be challenging to find in stores due to our limited production, as our wine is 100% naturally produced. This exclusivity means that you won't come across SYLTBAR everywhere like other mass-produced brands.


Membership in the wine club, besides convenience, also offers benefits. You get a 10% discount on the entire SYLTBAR Wine Club range and a complimentary shipping. How often have you had guests and run out of wine? Forget about it! Because with the SYLTBAR Wine Club, you will be 100% sure that your favorite wine is always in stock, specifically for you. SYLTBAR guarantees uninterrupted delivery and the highest level of service, because true connoisseurs must be satisfied!

So, why is the SYLTBAR wine club so unique?


We guarantee delivery with your subscription, because we produce 100% natural to avoid additives and that is why you don’t find our Brand everywhere. We produce only in small batches to assure our standard. 


Get personalized customer service from our team, Yanelis Redero, Giselle Arana and Louise Hudson, who really care about you and you know you're talking to a real person.


Receive the highest amount of savings with 10% off and complimentary shipping. We never offer deals; we think you should receive your favorite wines whenever you want it. On top of that, you also receive 10% off each additional order and on all other accessories.


Knowledge is key. We are happy to spend our valuable time educating you if you have questions or want to scoop on the behind-the-scenes.


Receive one bottle of Mr on the house when you visit our restaurant customer, Nobu, at any of the US locations (except Caesar Palace and Paris in Las Vegas). Simply send us the receipt from your Nobu dinner and use the same credit card that you have saved on file for your wine club membership along with a screenshot of a post on social media with you and Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco, tagging @SYLTBAR. We will credit the amount for one Mr bottle for your next wine club shipment.


We are always transparent in our wine production, which is why we welcome wine club members to discover our winery, San Simone, when you travel to Italy/Friuli ( very close to Venice ). This visit will also include an authentic Italian lunch.


Unique offers and opportunities are waiting for you in the SYLTBAR wine club! With us, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Italy, and our German roots guarantee reliability for you. Don't hesitate and join the open and friendly community of wine lovers and become one of them! Cheers to your personal SYLTBAR Wine Club!

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