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Why you should stay away from wine in cans

You're asking, "Is Canned Wine Any Good?"

We would like to start sharing our opinion about it first with you and then have a look at wine cans especially in America. The idea of having wine cans is of course to make it more portable and informal. It also frees the end consumer (you) from the need to carry stemware glass anywhere. But we have experienced that it definitely makes the wine less enjoyable because many producers fill low end quality wine in cans and sell it cheap to the end consumer. The simple reason for it is that they believe that the end consumer will drink it out of the can without knowing or discovering the difference - simply for the convenience of it.

The Quality of Canned Wines

You will never find any SYLTBAR Sparkling or Fine Still wines filled in cans by our producer simply because our brand is all about quality which includes 100% natural production.

All SYLTBAR Sparkling and Fine Still Wines contain a cork in each bottle. Why ? The reasons for it are important and significant why we cannot recommend to drink any wines from cans. The main function of cork stopper is to preserve the properties of the wine over time and ensure that it develops correctly in the bottle. In short, corks prevent large amounts of oxygen from entering, which would damage the wine, and at the same time they act as a natural barrier against any bacteria and mold.

Here comes another example of a real expert. It is Maximilian Riedel, who is the President and CEO of the worldwide famous glassmaker brand Riedel. We always highly recommend to enjoy SYLTBAR Sparkling and Still Fine Wines from Riedel glasses. It is just a lifetime experience to discover all the different SYLTBAR wine flavors and aromas in all the different Riedel size glasses. Maximilian once opened a wine can, took a sip of the vaguely berries and mentioned only: “I did not smell it. You cannot smell the fruits at all from the can. Drinking wine from cans is so much less enjoyable in general”.

Prosecco can NEVER be produced in cans

Some celebrities produced and sold sparkling wine and prosecco in cans and due to the trend, despite its poor quality. The result is that they had to stop calling and naming it Prosecco. This is due to the fact that real Prosecco is never sold in cans or even on draft. With its E.U. quality–assurance standard, all Prosecco DOC must be produced and sold exclusively in glass bottles. Legally, the back of the bottle must also state the two phrases “Prosecco DOC” and “Product of Italy”. The Italian law also mandates a State Sticker guaranteeing DOC status on the bottle opening itself, to prevent it from possibly being reused.

Canned Wines offer Convenience and Small Portions

Still we have to look at the facts because it appears that wine in cans are here to stay. The package which is mainly associated with soft drinks increased its shelf space in the wine section since 2014. Sales of Rose wine in cans in the US increased by 43% year-over-year from June 2017 on until this year 2020. But we have to set this high increase number which is happening in the United States wine market in relation to the total number of wine sold in this huge wine market. Wine in cans sold accounts only for 0.2 percent of sold wine in the US. Still surveys confirm that the can format is very much liked by end consumers because of its affordability, sustainability and convenience. Today it represents a significant new wine category which is finding a permanent, positive place in the overall US wine market. Worldwide the most popular can sizes are the 250ml, the 375ml and the 187ml. It allows to control the portion without facing leftover wine. Wine in cans still represents only a few percentage points of the US market today, but sales have exploded in the past few years, from about $2 million in sales in 2012 to nearly $15 million in 2016, according to Business Insider magazine.

Today we unfortunately find wine cans in places where it is very convenient and also allowed: in parks, during concerts, on boats, for picnics, during hiking and at pools ( where glass bottles are generally not allowed ). Why unfortunately ? The simple reason for it is that SYLTBAR is all about quality and 100% natural production. On top of that we are a strong believer that it is a much better and higher quality experience to uncork and then enjoy a bottle of wine instead of consuming low quality wine from cans.

Convenient packaging one the one hand is fine, but as we have mentioned before do not drink any wine from cans and expect anything special. It will not happen; only if you decide to pour quality SYLTBAR Sparkling and SYLTBAR Fine Still wines from bottles into a wine glass which ideally is a Riedel one. It can taste so much better.

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