Why You Won’t Find SYLTBAR on a Cruise

Why You Won’t Find SYLTBAR on a Cruise

It’s no secret that the team here at SYLTBAR loves to travel, and have missed it very much over the last two years. Our plans for traveling in 2022 are back in action though, and we can’t wait to get back out there to visit some of our favorite places, and experience new ones!

Cruising is NOT the same as Traveling! 

BUT, there is one thing for sure you will never see us do during our travels — and that is going on a cruise! The best part about traveling is getting to explore new countries on your own terms, and that is impossible to do in just a couple days while on a cruise with hundreds or thousands of other people. When you are on a cruise, you’re essentially trapped and limited to specific excursions that are part of the cruise line. You can’t go out and do your own thing, like find locally owned shops, bars and restaurants, go on walks and hikes or relax at the beach, etc. You are constantly surrounded by the same people from your cruise — not the people of the land you are visiting, and those are the people you really want to meet and engage with. 

Traveling should not be about how many countries you’ve been to; it should be about opening your mind to see life with a brand new perspective in each and every place you go. Cruises don’t allow for that!

syltbar never on cruises

We wont Cruise.

Just like you will never see us on a cruise, you will never, ever see Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR on a cruise either! Aside from the fact that we believe that cruises cannot truly give you the best travel experience, there are a few other reasons for this.

Cruises are not Sustainable 

First and foremost, the biggest aspect of the SYLTBAR brand and its winery is its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, as put forth by the Green Project of which we are a certified member. Cruises are not good for the environment. According to Friends of the Earth, a leading group in the environmental and progressive communities, “Cruise ships the size of small cities ply the waters off our coasts, producing and then dumping large amounts of sewage and other wastes into our oceans, polluting our beaches, contaminating our coral reefs, and destroying our valuable marine ecology.”

This goes against everything that SYLTBAR and San Simone Winery stand for. We believe that as human beings, we have a social responsibility to respect and preserve Mother Nature. Environmental sustainability is what drives the way our winery operates, and cruise lines do not seem to adhere to this belief system at all.

Everything in Moderation - Wine included. 

Secondly, we also believe in “everything in moderation,” something else that cruises do not practice. Most cruises come with the option for beverage packages that include bottomless alcoholic beverages, Prosecco and Champagne included. In order for cruises (and restaurants too, for that matter) to be able to offer this special package of bottomless Prosecco, they must use a cost-effective product. This means it’s going to be a cheap Prosecco, one that is not produced by a winery, but instead by a big name manufacturer that uses a lot of additives and chemicals to get more bang for their buck. 

It would certainly be nice to indulge in never-ending Mr and Mrs, but we are not this “cheap” version of Prosecco. Plus, it kind of defeats the purpose of our Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé being so health-conscious.

Mr is 49 calories and Mrs is 63 calories per 6 ounce glass, both with less than a half of gram of sugar in that serving. But if you continue to drink and drink and drink all day and night long while on the cruise, the calories and sugar add up. Yes, we believe that a couple glasses of Mr or Mrs every day is fine, but we never want to advocate overindulgence in alcohol. We always keep our health in mind, and that’s why SYLTBAR is your Happy, Healthy, Daily Juice!

Cruises are not Eco-Friendly like SYLTBAR Wines

Although we know that there are high end restaurants on board cruises where you can definitely find an upgrade in cuisine and luxurious experiences, that doesn’t take away from the fact that these cruise liners are exposing our oceans to harmful, toxic garbage.

Even during COVID times, we saw this happening. Empty cruise ships docked in front of the beach, engines running and disposing fumes into the waters, and not paying those incredible daily harbor rent prices. It’s like leaving your car on all day, and not actually driving it!  

If there is one thing that COVID taught us, it is that human beings are not alone on this planet. Nature will always be more powerful than us!

no syltbar on cruises

Monsters in the Ocean

To us, cruises look like monsters on the ocean. They attack the environment, and keep you from discovering a country’s true culture. So long as we are the main owners of SYLTBAR, you will never see Mr and Mrs on a monster (aka cruise liners)! 

Shop our eco-friendly wines, visit syltbar.com or use our locator to find a retailer near you that carries our wine.

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