Cameron Diaz Avaline Wine vs. SYLTBAR

Cameron Diaz Avaline Wine vs. SYLTBAR

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Shaina Wizov is the founder of South Florida blog, Take A Bite Out of Boca. She is an avid wine drinker with a passion for all things bubbly! In September 2019, she traveled to Northern Italy to increase her knowledge about wine and continues to educate herself regularly. Shaina is a social media influencer and content creator, working with various clients in food and beverage, fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle. You can find her on Instagram at @takeabiteoutofboca.


I’ll admit, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, I’m a sucker for a catchy tagline, a pretty label, and a celebrity-endorsement (so long as it’s a celebrity I actually like), so when Cameron Diaz announced that she was producing a clean, organic wine that was also vegan, gluten-free and low in sugar, I was definitely intrigued.

When this wine came onto the scene, I had already been a longtime fan of Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR. At any given time, you can most definitely find a couple bottles of Mr hanging out in my wine fridge. It’s my Prosecco of choice for drinking at home, my go-to if I see it on the menu at a restaurant, and what I always bring with me to gatherings at friends’ houses. SYLTBAR was doing the low-sugar thing before it became trendy, and it’s way less calories than any wine I’ve seen on the market, including the low sugar ones that now bombard the industry.

I’ve tried a lot of these low-sugar wines, but at the end of the day, I always revert back to my favorite: Mr SYLTBAR. I decided that, in the interest of “research and development,” I should absolutely compare and contrast Avaline’s sparkling wine versus Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR.

Let’s get into it!

At first glance, Avaline’s Sparkling Wine’s front label checks off all the boxes: Made from organic grapes. Free from concentrates and artificial colors. Vegan friendly. Dry, refreshing and effervescent. It’s everything I want in a bubbly beverage! I took a sip, and needed to go back for a couple more before gathering my thoughts. It’s definitely dry, maybe even dryer than Mr SYLTBAR, and maybe even dry to the point where I wouldn’t really call it refreshing. I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t love it. I didn’t even finish the half glass that was poured for me to taste, so that kind of says something.

Let’s look at the nutritional comparison between Avaline Sparkling Wine and Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco:

What Grape is Avaline Sparkling Wine Made From?

Grapes: Avaline is made in Spain, and the sparkling wine is made from a combination of three organic grapes: Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada. SYLTBAR is made in Italy, and the Prosecco is made from 100% Glera grape. Not only does SYLTBAR use organic grapes, but the wine producers follow the Italian Green Project’s high standards for environmental sustainability in their production.

Are there Sulfites in Avaline Wine? SYLTBAR Wine?

Sulfites: There are natural sulfites in ALL wine. Never trust a bottle of wine that says “no sulfites.” It’s simply not true. There is a difference between the natural sulfites that develop during the fermentation process, and the sulfites that some wine producers choose to add to help preserve freshness, protect the wine from oxidation, bacteria, etc. The downside? These added sulfites are the culprits behind those dreaded headaches and hangovers we experience after a night out, so drinking wine that doesn’t have any added sulfites can be a real game changer. Sulfites have also been known to trigger asthma-like symptoms in people with sulfite sensitivities.

SYLTBAR has about 25 ppm of naturally produced sulfites. The brand does not add any sulfites to its wine — this also means the wines have a shorter shelf life, so drink up! Avaline, on the other hand, does...although, not as much as the average bottle of wine has. Avaline keeps their sulfite level at less than 100 ppm, while average amount in most commercial wines is 150 ppm.

How much sugar is in Avaline Wine vs SYLTBAR Wine?

Mr and Mrs SYLTBAR were both actually tested by the University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute and found to have a considerably lower amount of sugar than various other well known Prosecco, Champagne, Cava and other sparkling wine brands. One 6 oz. serving of Mr SYLTBAR has .3 grams of sugar, compared to Avaline which has .5 grams in a 5 oz. serving. Avaline also states on the label that organic cane sugar is an ingredient, whereas SYLTBAR does not add any sugar. The only sugar present in the wine is the natural, residual sugar from the grapes that is left after fermentation.

How many calories are in Avaline Wine vs SYLTBAR Wine?

This is where SYLTBAR blows me away. One 6 oz. pour of Mr is only 49 calories. That means I could finish an entire bottle (about 4 glasses) for less than 200 calories! It’s also only 2 Smart Points for Weight Watchers, which is so awesome for anyone who follows that lifestyle! A 5 oz. glass of Avaline sparkling wine is 107 calories, so if I hoard a bottle to myself on Sunday Funday, I’ll have thrown back about 430 empty calories. Eh...I’ll take the former.

SYLTBAR might not have a celebrity’s name on the label, but it does have the name of a hundred-year-old family-owned vineyard in Friuli, Italy that backs up its all natural, organic, sustainable production. For me, the choice is clear...and very bubbly. Visit SYLTBAR’s online store to try it for yourself, or check their locator to see if it’s sold in at one of your local retailers or restaurants

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Thank you, thank you! I have been curious about Avaline for a few months now and haven’t tried it yet. I, too, ADORE Mr. & especially Mrs. SYLTBAR. This past year it has been our go-to for sips and gifts to friends. I am so pleased to read your review, deep down I had a feeling nothing could compare! Thank you for doing all the dirty work for us ;).


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