low sugar wine vs added sugar wine

Low Sugar Prosecco

Naturally produced Sparkling Prosecco by San Simone in Friuli, Italy

Our Premium SYLTBAR Sparkling products are naturally low in sugar and it all starts with the fermentation process, or rather, the double fermentation process. The grapes start in a thermal-controlled stainless steel tanks for 10 days where the fermentation turns the grapes into wine. Next, the wine moves to pressurized tanks for the 25-day sparkling process. Then, it is held for another 60 days in stainless steel tanks, allowing the yeast to work. This leaves only fruit sugar behind from the 100% Glera or 100% Merlot grapes.

Green Project / Eco-Friendly

Progetto Verde, translated as Green Project, is a set of actions, behaviors and procedures put forward to contribute to the environmental sustainability of the business, in order to respect the existing territorial balance. It is only a segment of a broader concept of "Social liability" that has guided the Sam Simone family in shaping their line of work: with maximum respect for the communities in which the company operates, suppliers, consumers, customers, land, and local cultural heritage. 

Our Diabetes Research Institute Study

While many of our fans were quick to try our sparkling wine, we also had many skeptics. To address their concerns and get a scientific measurement of the sugar content in our Sparkling products, we enlisted the help of Dr. Camillo Ricordi at the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute. The result? SYLTBAR has the lowest amount of glucose, only 166mg of Glucose per 100ml glass compared to an average of four times as much. The sugar content in SYLTBAR low enough for some diabetics to enjoy!

Read what Dr. Ricordi’s shares in his letter.

Award Winning Premium Prosecco

What makes SYLTBAR Sparkling Products taste so great? Our producer, San Simone works tirelessly to improve the quality and taste of all their products. But don't just take our word for it. Judges love our Premium Prosecco and Sparkling Rose.

award winning wine
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Great Proseco. Taste low sugar and low alcohol

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