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SYLTBAR Food and Wine Pairings (Curated by Palm Beach Yacht Club)

Not sure what to serve at your holiday dinner? Here's some inspiration from the SYLTBAR Wine Dinner at the Palm Beach Yacht Club. 

palm beach yacht club wine dinner

Bubbly Welcome Drink 

As guests arrived to our Wine Dinner, they were served glasses of bubbly. Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco is the perfect way to welcome your guests to your special occasion. The bubbles are a fun way to kick off the night and light enough not to take away from your dinner. 

Oysters & Pearls - Wine Pairing

Next our guests were treated to fresh oysters paired with the SYLTBAR White Linen. This Pinot Grigio is light and airy so it is doesn't overpower the taste of fresh oysters. Fresh oysters can be easy to serve. (You'll need to find a place to get them!) You'll also need lots of ice and an oyster knife to shuck them. 

What to serve with Shaved Iberico Ham

Our guests were then treated to the finest ham in the world - Iberico. Our chef for the night paired this delicacy with our SYLTBAR Silk. Our Friulano is the Sauvignon Blanc of Italy has a subtle almond and fruity aftertaste that pairs well with hams. Order it pre-sliced for easy serving. 

How to pair Slow Roasted Prime Beef Tenderloin & Butter Poached Lobster Tail 

For the main course, we had a refined surf and turf dish paired with our SYLTBAR Cashmere. This Cabernet Franc is the only red wine we carry. We love the full-bodied wine because it compliments the heavier butter and meats. Try it with your version of steak and seafood favorites. 

Molten Dark Chocolate Cake - Wine Pairing

We wrapped up the night with a luxurious dark chocolate cake. Paired with Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose, this slightly dry bubbly with a fresh and fruity finishes, complements the subtlety bitter dessert. 

What are you serving at your holiday dinner? Share your pairing in the comments below. Ready to try SYLTBAR's line of sparkling and fine wines? Check out our Mix Box! (For a limited time, orders over $200 ship free!) 

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