SYLTBAR’s 10th Anniversary 2010 – 2020

SYLTBAR’s 10th Anniversary 2010 – 2020

Where does the name SYLTBAR come from ?

Along Germany's pristine northern shore lies an island that embodies elegance. The North Sea meets the finest sand on a 26 mile-long western beach while picturesque dunes and charming lighthouses characterize its idyllic landscape. This island is Sylt.

Natural beauty is boundless on Sylt with its sun-kissed meadows, majestic cliffs, and the allure of the sea. Jet-setters, celebrities and travel aficionados from around the world covet the beauty of its sandy beaches and indulge in its sophisticated tranquility.

Dining on Sylt embodies the same natural elegance, from beach bistros to haute cuisine. Sylt’s visitors truly experience 'la dolce vita' - the good life - from lounging on its gorgeous white, sandy beaches to enjoying the best in golf, polo, surfing, sailing, theater and the arts. Sylt is considered the Hamptons or Nantucket of Europe and embodies elegance in its truest form - yet with a style uniquely its own.

How did the SYLTBAR become popular wine brand in America ?

The Sylt lifestyle is the inspiration for the SYLTBAR brand and its collection. Sylt truly offers the best of the best, and that is the standard of quality we use. Just as the island is a collection of the best things in life, SYLTBAR is a collection of the finest products, artfully packaged and imported directly from the producers. In this way, we offer exclusive, limited production items of the highest quality.

Our mission is to bring you the world's finest products - whose quality and purity redefine their categories. Just imagine an elegant and pure Prosecco that can transport you to a sun-drenched Italian terrace overlooking the shimmering sea.

Who brought the brand SYLTBAR to the US market in 2010 and why ?

The starting point are the two rivaling cities in the North and South of Germany Hamburg and Munich. The SYLTBAR Co founder Claus Blohm was born in Hamburg, where he spent most of his life until SYLTBAR Co Founder Regina Blohm stepped into his life. She was born in Hamburg too but grew up in Munich which was her favorite German city to live. Regina was working for fashion companies such as Hugo Boss, Puma, Ralph Lauren there until she got a job offer from the top lingerie brand La Perla. Her showroom was located in the heart of Hamburg so she was going back to her roots where she met her neighbor Claus Bohm in 2005. He was working for the leading European Corporate Fashion producer at the time.

After they got to know each other and fell in love, they decided to get married close to Siena in Tuscany, Italy in 2008. Still they had to decide where to live because the rivalry about Munich and Hamburg was still alive among them. So the “compromise” was to live together in Miami, Florida. Regina fell in love with the colorful city many years prior to knowing Claus. Mr Blohm did not like Miami at all because he was prejudiced and didn’t know it at all. Regina introduced the Lifestyle city in Florida’s South to him in the best possible way ever and that was why they both decided to quit their jobs in Germany and to move to Miami in 2010. Regina and Claus had discovered in the meantime that there was a niche market for quality Sparkling Wine in the US and so they started their adventure to import SYLTBAR Prosecco from Friuli, Italy the same year. It included founding a company in the US, apply for a valid Investor Visa in Germany, to handle the move from Germany and to find the right Prosecco producer in Italy. Claus and Regina had a lot of obstacles to overcome but they had a clear vision about SYLTBAR and managed to overcame it one by one.

SYLTBAR Premium Sparkling and Fine Italian Wines

Italy stands for La Dolce Vita, having a wine culture for thousands of years which also includes the largest grape variety worldwide. It is also known as the country where the lemons bloom. Claus and Regina found their favorite Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco in the heart of the Northern East region of Friuli, which is very well known for the best White Wines in Italy. San Simone is the name of the producer, where all SYLTBAR wines origin from. The Brisotto family started producing wine in 1915 and today their Fourth generation is all about quality which includes natural production. All of their wines including the SYLTBAR ones are certified by the Green Project which is superior compared to Organic. San Simone takes great care about its environment and that is why all SYLTBAR wines are so different and of such a high quality level.

This was confirmed in 2016 by the Miami University Diabetes Research Institute. They tested Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco among 80 other Wines such as Champagne, Cave, American and French Sparkling regarding its sugar content. The SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco became the clear winner of that contest. A whole bottle of 750ml contains less that 2 Grams of residual fruit sugar and a 6oz glass only 49 calories. This was such a ground-braking success especially due to the fact that US end consumers take more and more care about a healthy nutrition.

Claus and Regina started selling Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco out of their trunk in 2010 to restaurants, hotels and retail stores and were sure that they would sell millions of bottles in a couple of years. Imagine the fact they came to the US market with 1 product and had to learn a lot about the market and its system. This has never happened before like this.

SYLTBAR's 10th Anniversary

After 10 years of perseverance and persistence Claus and Regina have successfully established SYLTBAR distribution in 17 US key markets including Florida, New York, Texas, Illinois, Nevada, and California. More and more American consumers are getting to know about SYLTBAR and its advantages. Word of mouth was and still is a big key to success for the brand.

Today, the SYLTBAR portfolio not only contains Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco but also Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose ( 100% Merlot grape ) plus the SYLTBAR Fine Red and White Wines.

So enjoy SYLTBAR “Your Happy Healthy Daily Juice”

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I was born on Sylt in 1946. My family imigrated to Canada in 1951 where i still live. Question do yo distribute your products to Canada? We live in hamilton Ontario about 3/4 of an hour from niagara falls.

Peter Schafft

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