The Health Benefits of Drinking SYLTBAR’s Low-Calorie Prosecco

The Health Benefits of Drinking SYLTBAR’s Low-Calorie Prosecco

Here’s the fact: SYLTBAR is a step above all other wine brands because of its high-quality 100% natural production in Italy by one family-owned-and-operated winery, as well as its low-sugar, low-calorie, vegan qualities and the fact that there are absolutely no added sulfites, chemicals or preservatives. If you’re wondering how you can tell whether a wine is coming from an actual winery or just a brand, just take a look at the label. Most bottles simply have a number listed, but not an actual winery name. The number means that it is just one bottle made by a manufacturer that produces many other bottles of wines, maybe for many other brands. With SYLTBAR, you see the name of the actual winery, and there is no number to be found.

Anyone who has ever sipped on a glass of Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco or Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rosé knows that the taste and effervescence also surpasses many other brands as well. But did you also know that Prosecco has even more health benefits? Yes! Surprisingly enough, moderate consumption of our favorite bubbly beverage can contribute to your overall health and well being. Now you know why we nicknamed it Your Happy Healthy Daily Juice!

Health Benefits of Prosecco

There has been research that shows Prosecco contains a certain antioxidant called polyphenols that promote heart health, lowering blood pressure and increase blood flow in the body which can also decrease your risk for a lot of other health conditions such as blood clotting and other vascular diseases. It has also been said that the flavonoids found in Prosecco can potentially help decrease the risk for developing cancer.

Additionally, moderate consumption of Prosecco, especially SYLTBAR, can enhance your mood, it also can stimulate cognitive function and improve memory, improve the respiratory system and keep lungs nice and healthy, and even promote glowing, beautiful skin. There is even nutritional value behind Prosecco, as it naturally contains trace amounts of zinc, magnesium and potassium.

There have been studies that show Prosecco can lower the risk for developing diabetes. In fact, the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute actually lab-tested Mr and Mrs against many other well known sparkling wine brands, and found that our Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé contained the least amount of sugar. SYLTBAR does not cause a spike in blood sugar, unlike other wines. You can see for yourself in this letter we received from Diabetes Research Institute.

Not only are Mr and Mrs lower in sugar than other brands, but they are also much lower in calories. 

Here is the breakdown for Mr:

*Alcohol By Volume
*8 calories/1 gram/Sugar
*7 calories/ 1 gram/ Alcohol
166 :1000ml =0.166 x 7.5 = 1.25 x 4 = 4.98 : 4.24 = 1.18
661 :1000ml =0.661 x 7.5 = 4.96 x 4 = 19.84 : 4.24 = 4.68
4.68-1.18 = 3.5
177 x 11.5 x 7 x 3.5 = 49 calories
Calories in a 6 oz. ( 177 ml ) glass of wine

 Here is the breakdown for Mrs:

*Alcohol By Volume

*8 calories/1 gram/Sugar

*7 calories/ 1 gram/ Alcohol

186 :1000ml =0.186 x 7.5 = 1.40 x 4 = 5.58 : 4.24 = 1.32

812 :1000ml =0.812 x 7.5 = 6.09 x 4 = 24.36 : 4.24 = 5.75

5.75-1.32 = 4.4

177 x 11.5 x 7 x 4.4 = 63 calories

Calories in a 6 oz. ( 177 ml ) glass of wine

Why is Prosecco Healthier Than Other Wines?

Not all Prosecco is healthier than wine. For example, if a Prosecco is not naturally produced and has added sweeteners and preservatives, it is not going to be a healthier alternative to a wine that is 100% naturally produced, like SYLTBAR. But even when comparing 100% naturally produced Prosecco versus 100% naturally produced still wine, the biggest difference comes down to alcohol content. Still wines are have more alcohol content compared to Prosecco. Our Prosecco is 11.5%, and our still wines are about 13%, but the average alcohol content of other still wines is about 14-16%.

But when we talk about the health benefits of Prosecco, it’s all about the antioxidants. However, in the case of Mr and Mrs, it is due to more than just that. Its because our producers honor the grape for what it is and dont try to add anything to it. Mr and Mrs go through a double fermentation process that takes up to four months, which allows the grapes to fully develop their flavors. Mr is made from 100% Glera grape, and Mrs is 100% Merlot. Many big name brands skip the long fermentation process to save time and money, and they use additives instead. Additionally, other Prosecco brands typically use a blend. It’s not often that you find a Prosecco made from 100% Glera grape or a Sparkling Rosé made from 100% Merlot grape. Many Prosecco varieties only contain 85% Glera grape, and Sparkling Rosé is usually 99% Pinot Noir  blended with Sangiovese.

Beware of the Prosecco brands that add sugars and preservatives to the wine to enhance its flavor and shelf life. Once there are other chemicals added to the mix, the health benefits may become compromised.

Thats why it is a no-brainer to choose SYLTBAR as your go-to Prosecco whenever you crave a glass of bubbly, which can be every day. Its the perfect drink for any occasion, big or small, and any time of year.

Shop for Low-Calorie Prosecco

SYLTBAR Prosecco is a lower calorie alternative to so many other sparkling wine options. Not only is it lower in calories than any other Prosecco, but its natural production and vegan qualities make it so much more pure than other brands as well.

When looking for healthier options for beverages, Prosecco is at the top of the list. When you shop with SYLTBAR, you are not only getting all of the health benefits, but youre getting so much more than that. You’re getting an honestly produced wine from a family-owned business, made from grapes farmed by one winery, instead of just any old bottle of wine. Visit our online store to shop, or use our locator to look for a retailer or restaurant in your local area.

Disclaimer: This website is intended for responsible adults of legal drinking age. We hope that if you decide to try any beverage displayed on this site, you do so with moderation and caution. It is not our intent to promote misuse of alcohol, alcoholism, hazing, binge drinking or any other form of alcohol abuse. We cannot take any responsibility for the effect these drinks may have on people.

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