Wine Gift Baskets with Free Shipping

Wine Gift Baskets with Free Shipping

When you are trying to decide what to get the wine lover in your life, a wine gift basket is most certainly the answer! There is no better way to spoil someone who loves their vino. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or for the holidays, a wine gift basket is the perfect present. 

There are many different ways to create your wine gift basket. Maybe you want to make it on your own. This is a fun way to get creative and introduce your wine-loving friend, family member or significant other to new wine accessories, food pairings, wine literature and/or education, and other wine-related gift items. Start off by choosing two or three different varieties of wine, and then pile on the rest! We would suggest including one sparkling wine, one white and one red, but of course, this is up to you! Either select wines that you know the gift recipient particularly enjoys, pick some that are similar to the types of wine they usually drink but might not necessarily know, or treat them to something entirely new! The options are endless.

If you don’t want to build your own wine gift basket from scratch, SYLTBAR is here with plenty of options!

1 SYLTBAR Wine Love Box - with Free Shipping 

  • Love Box: This is the ultimate SYLTBAR wine gift basket, providing one of every single item offered in our catalog. You can’t get much better than this! The entire box costs $299, which is a savings of $73 and shipping is free!

The Love Box includes: 

    • (1) bottle of ‘Mr’ SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco
    • (1) bottle of ‘Mrs’ SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose
    • Mr and Mrs Gift Set, which includes one black bottle stopper
    • (1) bottle of 2018 ‘White Linen’ Pinot Grigio
    • (1) bottle of 2018 ‘Silk’ Friulano
    • (1) bottle of 2017 ‘Cashmere’ Cabernet Franc
    • (1) bottle of 2018 ‘Junior’ Ramato Original Pinot Grigio 
    • (1) Hope candle, with an outdoorsy pine and musk scent
    • (1) Believe candle, with a refreshing verbena and limoncello scent
    • (1) SYLTBAR ice bucket, which can chill a single bottle of wine
    • (2) bottle stoppers, pink and black, which keep bubbly fresh and fizzing for 3-4 days
    • (1) SYLTBAR corkscrew, our newest collection item, which has a patented two-step boot lever
    • (1) SYLTBAR lightweight, breathable, navy blue baseball cap
    • (1) SYLTBAR lightweight, breathable mask

SYLTBAR Wine Gift - Intro Box with Free Shipping

  • Intro Box: For the wine lover who might be new to the SYLTBAR brand, the Intro Box is the perfect vehicle for introducing them to our entire line of low-sugar, low-sulfite, sustainably produced, all natural, vegan wines. This is also ideal for SYLTBAR fans who can’t choose a favorite! The Intro Box is $133, which is a savings of $15 and shipping is free!

The Intro Box includes:

    • (1) bottle of ‘Mr’ SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco
    • (1) bottle of ‘Mrs’ SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose
    • (1) ‘Cashmere’ Cabernet Franc
    • (1) ‘Silk’ Friulano
    • (1) ‘White Linen’ Pinot Grigio
    • (1) ‘Junior’ Ramato Original Pinot Grigio

SYLTBAR Lifestyle Gift Set with Free Shipping

  • Lifestyle Gift Set: When you want to send an extra special message to a loved one, the Lifestyle Gift Set is a great option. There is no doubt this gift will put a smile on anyone’s face as soon as they open it. Each and every Lifestyle Gift Set includes a personalized, handwritten note. The sets are $59 and always include complimentary shipping.

There are two Lifestyle Gift Sets to choose from:

    • (1) bottle of ‘Mr’ SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco, (1) 100% soy Hope pine and musk scented candle, and a customized note
    • (1) bottle of ‘Mrs’ SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose, (1) 100% soy Believe verbena and limoncello scented candle, and a customized note


SYLTBAR Sparkling Wine Gift Basket Bucket with Free Shipping

  • Sparkling Wine Starter Set: This is the best wine gift basket to purchase for anyone who loves to pop open a bottle of bubbly! Prosecco and Sparkling Rose lovers will go crazy for this Sparkling Wine Starter Set. Our beautiful ice bucket is included, which also features a bottle holder at the edge of the bucket. It can hold one bottle and chill it from room temperature in just 20 minutes. For best results, we highly recommend filling the ice bucket half with ice and half with water. The bottle stoppers are also included, which is easy to secure right onto the bottle and will keep your bubbly fresh and fizzing for up to 4 days. Each set is $64.99 and includes free shipping.

There are two Sparkling Wine Starter Sets to choose from:

    • Mr Wine Starter Set: (1) bottle of ‘Mr’ SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco, (1) black bottle stopper, and (1) SYLTBAR ice bucket
    • Mrs Wine Starter Set: (1) bottle of ‘Mrs’ SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose, (1) pink bottle stopper, and (1) SYLTBAR ice bucket

At SYLTBAR, we work hard to be able to provide our customers with these fabulous wine gift basket options at reasonable prices, always including complimentary shipping. It’s not often that you find wine shipped for free. Companies have to pay surcharges for things like special handling and must cover themselves for replacing damaged products, which results in shipping fees being passed along to the customer. We do our best to handle these fees internally so we can offer free shipping to customers and keep them smiling, happy, and stocked up with wine!

To shop our wine gift baskets with free shipping, visit SYLTBAR. If you ever need assistance with your purchase or want to express ideas for new gift basket options, our customer service is always here to listen and help!

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