SYLTBAR Labor Day Weekend Things to Do Before Summer is Officially Over

SYLTBAR Labor Day Weekend Things to Do Before Summer is Officially Over

Best Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is a public holiday celebrated every year on the first Monday in September. It is dedicated to all workers in the US and their contributions to the society. In 2020, Labor Day falls on September 7. It bookends the favorable season of the year and offers us all a final opportunity to soak up the final beautiful sunny summer days. There are so many different and wonderful opportunities to make it your most enjoyable long weekend of the year 2020. Stay at home or spend fantastic outdoor days are only two options to realize it.

Here are some ideas and recommendations SYLTBAR has put together for you.

Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose

We agree that Still and Sparkling Rose wines have become synonymous with the summer season. Therefore enjoy Mrs SYLTBAR Sparkling Rose ( 100% Merlot Grape variety ) which is your Happy Healthy Daily Juice because it is 100% naturally produced, Vegan, very low on Sugar, Sulfites and contains only 63 calories per 6oz glass. It is very refreshing and will keep you away from any headaches or migraine the same or the next day.

Mr SYLTBAR picnic

Find a nice place outside, grab your picnic basket, at least one bottle Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco and some nice appetizers. You can get some rest under a large, old tree and relax there with your beloved one(s). Add some fresh baked bread, cheese, ham and fruits to Mr SYLTBAR and enjoy a beautiful sunny Labor Day. Mr SYLTBAR also is your Happy, Healthy Daily Juice like Mrs SYLTBAR. The only difference apart from the fact that it is White Sparkling Wine is the calorie count. 49 calories per 6oz glass is the lowest content compared to 80 other Sparkling Wines which all have been tested in the Miami Diabetes Research Institute. We wish you an unforgettable SYLTBAR picnic for the 2020 Labor Day weekend.

Luxury SYLTBAR Dining outdoors

Make a reservation and dine at your favorite restaurant with outdoor seating during this trying time. This is one of the last warm evening experiences during the Labor Day Weekend. In Miami we recommend to make reservations at Juvia. They not only offer you an exceptional ambiance in and outside, but also an outstanding menu and you can enjoy Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco there. Juvia Lunch/Brunch: $23, Dinner $39 with a complimentary Mr SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco bottle.

Host a healthy SYLTBAR barbeque

We recommend to put some quality steaks on the Grill which you have picked up from your neighborhood butcher. This way you can find out where the meat comes from before you share it with your family and best friends. Your 100% naturally produced wine which we recommend as a perfect fit for your steaks is our SYLTBAR Red Wine Cashmere made of 100% Carmenere grapes by the Italian producer San Simone in the heart of the Northeast Italian region Friuli. All SYLTBAR wines are produced there.

A great alternative to steaks on the grill is fresh fish. If you are in Miami or you plan to have a barbecue there get your fresh fish from the Casablanca fish market. They get their fish fresh every day directly from Miami fishermen so you can be sure of the best quality available. So in case you choose a nice White fish on the grill we recommend to pair it with our SYLTBAR White wines White Linen Pinot Grigio or with SYLTBAR Silk Friulano.

The Silk SYLTBAR Friulano is the Sauvignon Blanc of Italy. Unlike the Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, the Friulano is an uncommon wine and rare to find in the United States. It’s named Silk because it is elegant and noble, for sophisticated wine drinkers who appreciate quality taste and identify themselves to be a real white wine lover. If this sounds like you, you’ll love our SYLTBAR Friulano white wine. It is dry, fresh and elegant, with low acidity, balanced by a pleasing roundness and a good structure. Persistent, with a slight aftertaste of almonds and hints of glazed dried fruits, Silk is so delicate and fragrant. Serve at 50-53.6 °F.

Our SYLTBAR Pinot Grigio is light, airy and fresh from which its name was inspired. The very clean and full bodied taste even surprises the most elevated Pinot Grigio wine drinkers. Either way this is our favorite way to enjoy our SYLTBAR barbecue with family and friends and we wish that you will too.

Experience your own SYLTBAR outdoor concert

Here is another great opportunity to enjoy your Labor Day Weekend with family and friends. SYLTBAR has created some different music playlists on Spotify which you can listen to in your garden, backyard, in parks or similar. Grab your favorite bottle of SYLTBAR and enjoy it with some very different Lounge, Jazz, Pop and Classic tunes. We always recommend to use White Wine glasses instead of Champagne flutes for it mainly because the wine has more space and can breathe much better and develop its wonderful aromas in the best possible way. The only exception of it is our SYLTBAR Red Wine Cashmere which you should, of course, drink out of a Red Wine glass. Enjoy your own outdoor concert with SYLTBAR your Happy Healthy Daily Juice. Listen to our Spotify Playlist

Shop the SYLTBAR Natural Wines Intro Box

Our SYLTBAR Intro box is a wonderful opportunity to find out about the advantages which all Fine Wines have. Still Wine ? Sparkling Wine ? Red or White ? If you are not sure which is your favorite - well now with the SYLTBAR Intro Box you don’t have to pick. From robust and full-bodied flavors to light bubbles, this mixed box contains all of the premium wines SYLTBAR offers. Here’s what you’ll get in your case: Mr Premium Prosecco, Mrs Sparkling Rose, Cashmere Cabernet Franc, White Linen Pinot Grigio, Silk Friulano and Junior Ramato ( traditional Pinot Grigio ). Now you can enjoy your Labor Day Weekend because SYLTBAR has you covered with Premium White Sparkling, Rose Sparkling, Red and White Wines.

Take SYLTBAR Junior to the beach

You can also take sunscreen, your favorite book and podcast to the beach to enjoy the final summer days there. But don’t forget to not only drink a lot of water for dehydration purposes but SYLTBAR Junior too. We have experienced that it is a perfect combination not only to Prosciutto, Salami, Shellfish, Pasta, White Meat but it can also be wonderfully paired with sweet desserts. Junior is naturally produced and a very high quality White Wine. Its color is copper and its name originates from the Italian word Ramato. It became famous in Italy in the Seventies.

Enjoy a boat day with SYLTBAR

We highly recommend to spend a whole day swimming and sunbathing on a boat with your family and best friends. Of course the best companion for this trip is SYLTBAR and it does not matter if you choose Mr, Mrs, Cashmere, Silk, White Linen or Junior. Every SYLTBAR wine will make you feel good. Give it a try.

Immerse yourself in Nature with a Canoe Ride

If you live near a river or small lake, rent a canoe or tube for a few hours to float or paddle the day away. Every SYLTBAR Fine Wine will be more than happy to join you during that trip.

Watch a Miami sunrise and sunset

Miami sunsets and sunrises are notoriously beautiful so be sure to catch a few more before the seasons change. A SYLTBAR bottle would love to join you for some beautiful and unforgettable magic moments.

Miami Spa Month

It runs through Sept 30th, which is your last chance to enjoy some well-deserved Spa treatments. We highly recommend the Carillon Hotel and Spa Miami which is a beautiful value location for this purpose. Whether a full Spa Day or simply a calming and relaxing massage the Carillon is the right place to relax.

Whatever you choose to make your Labor Day Weekend 2020 a perfect one SYLTBAR always is your Happy Healthy Daily Juice.

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